Working Agreement Counselling

Videos, FAQs and resources to help members work with this section of the Ethical Framework • Type of consultation work – this is a very short (a small introductory paragraph on how you work). (i.e. – observe all the modalities used; that you carry out regular progress checks; that you work towards an agreed end of the counselling work; that the client may „feel worse before feeling better“, etc….) Rory and Ken give various tips for recording and transcribing consultations: It is recommended to submit consultation contracts in writing if necessary to provide clarity (see ncS Code of Ethics, point 9). Submitted in the form of a written document, there may also be the necessary space for legal intervention if the conditions are not met. Article 32 of the Ethical Framework for Counselling Professions, published by the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (2015), states: „We will carefully examine how we agree with clients and enter into contracts with them on the terms on which our services are provided.“ 33. We will establish and maintain appropriate professional and personal boundaries in our dealings with our customers by ensuring that: a. these boundaries are compatible with the objectives of cooperation and beneficial to the customer. Any double or multiple relationship is avoided if the risks of harm to the customer outweigh the benefits to the customer. Reasonable precautions are taken to separate and distinguish our personal and professional presence on social media if this could lead to harmful duplicate relationships with customers. .