Uw Medicine Business Associate Agreement

In some cases. For example, when data processing is subject to legislation or regulation, written data processing agreements between a „controller“ (a person or organization that makes decisions about the means and purpose of the processing) and a „processor“ (a person or agency acting on behalf of a processor) are required. If UW Medicine confirms a business or practice model that constitutes a substantial violation or violation of ba`s obligation in accordance with the BAA, UW Medicine will take appropriate steps to correct the infringement or terminate the infringement. If such measures fail, UW Medicine terminates the contract where possible. A written agreement defines the purpose and parameters of data processing and clarifies the roles and responsibilities between the UW and a third party. Seattle-based UW Medicine and Cigna reached a new agreement before the notice period expired on August 1. The Privacy Statement (DSPA) has been withdrawn for certain third-party agreements containing personal data and replaced by the Personal Data Processing Agreement (see below). The Access and Use Agreement provides clear, accurate and consistent information on access and rights of individuals, UW information systems and institutional UW information to be used. It is said that individuals are responsible for the protection of the privacy and security of all UW data that they use from information systems from which they have access, regardless of how or where the data is created, managed or stored.

This agreement is used by various UW information systems. a. Department heads or others who enter into a contract or other enterprise contract determine whether the proposed agreement meets the following three criteria: this directive sets out the criteria for consideration (BA) and sets out the requirements for disclosure of PHI to a BA, including the necessary content of an associated commercial agreement (BA). Under the agreement, Cigna members can access UW Medical Center and UW physicians who practice at Seattle`s Harborview Medical Center, UW Neighborhood Clinics and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance at networked prices. UW Medicine Business Associate Agreements are signed in agreement with the delegations of the Authority of Public Medical Organizations UW. UW Administrative Policy Statement 2.4 Information Security and Privacy Roles, Responsibilities, and Definitions states that vice-presidents, alternates, deans, clerks and others with delegated executive authority are responsible for the risks, compliance obligations, budgets and financial costs associated with data protection in their field of organization. As a result, these individuals or their representatives are responsible for decisions related to the risks associated with the PDPA. B. If the proposed agreement meets all three BA criteria, the other party is a UW Medicine BA, and the division head or anyone else who implements the agreement sets up a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with BA (see 106.T1 UW Medicine Business Associate Agreement). If the BA is a government authority, a letter of intent may be made in place of an BAA to document BA`s privacy, security and electronic exchange assurances. The Memorandum of Understanding contains the necessary elements of a BAA.

B. If a BA is legally required to perform a function or activity in the name or service of UW Medicine, UW Medicine PHI may, if necessary, disclose to the BA, without having to obtain a written agreement in the form of a written agreement, if UW Medicine tries in good faith to ensure that BA implements the appropriate safeguards.