Unbc Cupe Collective Agreement

It took nine months of negotiations, including 30 days of Labour Council mediation, to negotiate an agreement in which most of the articles were either literally or essentially those of the 2012222014 faculty agreement. If the administration had not vigorously denied the articles of the „old“ agreement for the first six months of negotiations, we would probably not be on strike today. On behalf of the Queen`s University Faculty Association, I am writing to express our full support for your efforts to reach a fair agreement. We`ll send you a check for $1,000 to help your members. I would like to express our strong support for UNBC`s fight for a strong first collective agreement and a reasonable wage regime. The Brock University Faculty Association will send a cheque for 1,500 $US to support your efforts, along with other financial contributions if the strike continues. Some of these issues, such as teaching reimbursements, are entirely under the control of the employer and these questions should be directed to the UNBC administration. Others, such as the semester extension, are negotiated in a return-to-work agreement. The answers to these questions depend in part on the duration of the strike. Georgia will recover from the office by November 2020. Please contact Dale if you need anything. Emails can be sent to contact@cupe3799.ca. The Union of Faculties of Saint-Marie University wishes to express its sense of solidarity with UNBC-FA, as you make progress towards union action.

We hope that your work will be brief and that you will be able to negotiate a fair and reasonable collective agreement as soon as possible. Indeed, the „false CDI“ promises the government to further distort the UNBC wage scale, which, in its own words, is not only in tune with the comparators, but is broken inside, so that wages do not even reflect the current agreement, let alone a sustainable employment rate for the work done by the UNBC faculty. Certainly, as part of the increase in employer benefits, many of our members would feel even worse than they would have been if the old goat system had been maintained as it is. When the management team presented scenarios in the courtroom, they admitted that this was the case. Surprisingly, the management team around the table acknowledged that they had not really tried to model the impact of their performance system. If they had, they would have understood how wrong their proposal was. Even after dealing with the shortcomings of the proposal, the management team insisted that they would not change it. Dear Jacqueline and UNBC-FA colleagues: We have heard a lot about the challenges you face in negotiating your collective agreement.

We wish you the best of luck in your efforts and offer our support. We understand the value of a good collective agreement and how difficult it is to negotiate. Faculty agreements are essential for the work environment and services offered at a university. We are with you in your efforts to maintain the quality of post-secondary education in British Columbia. HelgaHelga Kristén Hallgr`msd`ttirPresident, University of Victoria Faculty Association www.uvicfa.ca/ We reiterate that the controversial employer`s wage proposal is unacceptable and will further distort UNBC`s already broken teacher compensation system.