Secretary Of State Investor Agreement

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) attract investors interested in new trends in technology investments. The regulation of ICOs is evolving and complex. With significantly less investor protection than in traditional securities markets, investors considering participating in an investment in the ICO field should be aware of the growing potential for fraud and manipulation of these offerings. Investors should be wary of CIs. ICOs are very risky and are not suitable for many investors. You could lose all your investment. Before you part with your hard-earned money, make sure you know what you`re getting into. Click on the title to download a copy that will help you better understand these investments and their risks. Victims of investment fraud are wise to exercise caution when approached by companies that promise to help them recover their lost investment funds and bring the culprits to „justice.“ A third-party asset recovery company is a company that collects fees to help individuals recover money that has been lost in fraud. The company claims to collect information about fraud and help the person recover lost investment dollars. Many of these self-proclaimed turnaround companies are not law firms, although they can advertise by allowing them to provide legal assistance. Typically, target investors have lost thousands of dollars, perhaps even all their savings, due to fraudulent investment plans. Download a copy of this two-page investor warning to better understand how to avoid being a victim a second time.

The Internet has become an inexpensive and easy way for individuals and businesses to raise funds for their activities. Federal and national law now allows start-ups to find investors on the Internet. Investors should look for unscrupulous issuers and intermediaries who could attempt to abuse crowdfunding to steal from investors through false and misleading representations. Download a copy of this two-page investor warning to learn more about crowdfunding and how to protect yourself from fraud. On September 15, the government announced that it had signed a revised agreement in principle with EDF for the project.